Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just one a month

No, I am not talking about that calcium supplement that "Gidget" offers on TV. I am talking about setting the goal of building a relationship with that one person a month that God gives you, that you can share Jesus with someone. Ask God to put one person on your heart and in your mind. Tend to that relationship, and build that relationship to a point that you can confidently share Jesus with them. Some may think, "will that really make an impact?" I realized that in my town, if just 35 people in my church turned one heart towards God a month, we would bring 10% of our community to Christ....that would change the climate of this town! 370 more christians than last year, YES is will make an impact.

I challenge you to set a goal, get your eyes on eternal things....like heaven and hell. Get a heart for people like Christ has. Get a vision for an enlarging of the kingdom of heaven. Start seeing people at eternal beings...where will they spend their eternity, their forever? Don't let God's kids go to hell for eternity! We are the first picture of "Jesus" many see....how do we look?