Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't let go!

Just got home from spending a few days in Buena Vista Colorado. We went to a couple days of meetings at a church, Cornerstone Church. (By the way, what sweet pastors they have!) Back to the subject.......

Have you ever listened too, or been around people that make you desire more of God...Well, this weekend was that way. I love it when people provoke me to desire more out of my relationship with God, to not settle with where I am at, and call it good. The only way that we can have confidence in the truth of God's word, and that God is who He says He is, and that he never dissappoints, and that he is ALWAYS good, is by having the tenacity to stick in there with Him. Picture a rat terrier dog after a prairie dog, there is no chance for that prairie dog, the Rat terrier goes after it, even digging him out of his home if that is what it takes to catch it. Well, that is how we have to be with our relationship with God...pulling on Him, As a wife, I would never stand by and let someone, or something get it the way of my marriage, I would fight for it, the same is with God, we cannot let a persons opinion(or lack thereof), or a thing, get in the way of our pursuit of God. God loves it when we remind him of His promises, and then do not let go of them until they are fulfilled.

If you read 1 Cor 13(the love chapter), it is really unattainable without the Holy Spirit. You have to have the Holy Spirit reveal to the you the love of God. We cannot really understand it with our mind. Nothing about God can be grasped by our mind, we have to grasp it by our spirit. Then we can begin to walk in the Spirit, (and in turn in Love.) This generation, and the next, and the next(until Christ returns) will not have a relationship with God because someone tells them to, they will have to experience the Love of God(and we are the ones responsible to show them the way). So as long are we act like ugly christians, we are not very influential. We have to get our eyes off of ourselves, and get our eyes on God's precious other children(you are not the only one).

Can I tell on myself.....I am by no means a shining example of Love....I am a very suspicious person ( I always wonder "what is their angle"), but I constantly remind myself that no one grows under suspicion. I cannot influence anyones life if I am suspicious of them, they will wilt, not grow. There is a word, rarely used anymore - guilelessness, it is the grace for suspicious people. We have to be honest with ourselves, and not get offended when the Holy Spirit reveals some yucky stuff in us, instead be happy, this is a step into more intimacy with God....what an even better place to be.

Well, if you can piece these ramblings together, I hope they inspire some to be like a rat terrier, and not be content with where you are. Be blessed, cause boy does Jesus love you!

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Debra said...

Hello my rat terrier friend! I'm so glad I found your blog. I hope you update it often! Take care...